The Parallel States Project is an academic project aiming at provoking new thinking on the Israeli – Palestinian conflict by formulating:

- an attempt to think outside the box and look at the issues in a different way than both the traditional two-state solution and the one state solution

- a way to address basic issues of the conflict such as security, identity and access to the land, as well as end of conflict

- a scenario with two states, Israel and Palestine, sharing sovereignty over the whole area between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River

The project is conducted by the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Lund Univeristy in cooperation with a group of Israeli and Palestinian academics and experts. To read more, see About PSP and Outline of the Project.

The Parallel States Project presented its final report at the concluding conference ”One Land Two States – an Alternative Scenario for Israeli-Palestinian Accommodation” in Lund, Sweden, October 26-27 2010. Read more about it under Conference 2010.